Viewsonic Team Epsilon event

A few months back I was lucky enough to be approached by Viewsonic on my twitter page who asked me if I would like to try out one of their gaming (XG) series monitors and review it on my channel.  This was the first time any company had expressed a wish to work with me and at my status I did not expect it to come so soon.  Needless to say that I leapt at the chance.  The result of which was that a few days later I had a Viewsonic XG2703-GS monitor delivered to my door from the Czech republic and 2 weeks to play with it!

I was really impressed with the monitor overall and if you would like to watch my video you can find that here and my write up here.

I was even more blown away that when it came time for me to send it back they allowed me to keep it! A brand new (then) £749 monitor.  to say I was speechless would be, well that would be a lie as I never shut up, but I was in disbelieve!


Viewsonic said they were very happy with what I had been doing on Twitter and YouTube and said they would like to work with me more in the future! Crazy!

I was again surprised by Viewsonic when, on Monday the 28th of Aug I received an email asking I would like to come to London as their guests to meet the Epsilon CS:GO Team as well as some of their team before they would ship me across town to the Gfinity Arena to watch the Epsilon Rocket League Team in the Gfinity Elite Series final that same Friday, 1st Sept!

Now I live in North Wales so travelling to London and back isn’t a quick journey and with the short notice I had to do so logistical work to make it work.  Luckily though Friday is the start of my weekend in my day job!  I was also very nervous bout going as I wasnt sure what was expected of me having never been on anything like this before but after a phone call with the communications agent things my mind was put at rest as all I had to do was turn up and enjoy the day and if possible take some pics and put them up on twitter!  Even I can manage that one!


Friday arrived and I had planned to do the visit in one day and with the speed of rail these days that didn’t even mean an early start.  I arrived at London Euston just after 1300 and needed to pop to the loo before hoping on the Underground.  Imagine my horror when I found out it was 30p to pee!  Well being a northerner I refused to pay to pee so held on and jumped on the underground for the short trip to my first destination.

Once I reached my final stop I was greeted by the sights and sounds of a typical London market.  All I could hear was the cockney twang shouting, “3 for a pound” and “Come on ladies and gents! They don’t get any fresher than this!”

After a brief walk I reached the Loading Bar.  In there I was greeted by Liam from XL Communications and Izabela from Viewsonic Europe.  I was then introduced to Ziggy, another YouTuber and Twitch Streamer.  Ziggy is waaaaaay more experienced than me (not that it takes a lot!) having already made videos for as well as being a pro gamer!  He was a top guy, very friendly and clearly knows his stuff especially when it comes to the pro gaming side of things.  Which was great for me as that’s not the direction I have coming from more of an enthusiasts stand point.


Once the pleasantries were over I really needed that toilet stop!!

Ziggy and I spent a good while chatting about various things to do with our channels and our differing angels before the Epsilon CS:GO guys arrived.

We were introduced to BarrBarr, Freddieb, Chrille and of course Smooya.  As you would expect they had no idea who I was and thought I just worked for Viewsonic until I told them why I was there!

We got to watch Smooya have a quick spin on CS:GO.  I was intrigued by his gaming style, how close he sits to the screen and how he angles the keyboard.  Not being a competitive gamer, Ziggy took the time to explain to me that often in LAN parties and tournaments, historically, space was at a premium so place got used to playing with often less than 90cm desk space!

Soon is was time it was time to jump in an Uber and be driven across London with Ziggy and Lawrence from XL Comms media team to the Gfinity Arena to watch Team Epsilon Rocket League play in the final.  Now I don’t do being a passenger in a car!  I always drive (mainly due to only being me in the car at work to drive!) and foolishly I sat in the back with Ziggy and let Lawrence in the front.

I wasn’t long in our 55min rush hour drive before I started to feel as sick as a dog! Thankfully I made it!


At the arena we were given our VIP bands and taken to our seating and showed the VIP Bar.  I decided to treat myself to a complimentary bottle of Kopparburg and took one mouthful before remembering I had to drive back from the railway station!  Sad times.

Although aware of it and its concept, I have never played or watched Rocket League but luckily for me both Ziggy and Lawrence did and talked me through it.  Soon it was time for the teams to step and Epsilon were set to play Team EndPoint.

I soon got in to the game which was really fasted paced and enough tension to rival any good rugby match.  I soon found myself completely engrossed in it and of course cheering for Epsilon.  Sadly the were losing and despite some amazing play, EndPoint were the better team and took the final as well as the £20,000 prize!


once the event was done with it was time for Ziggy and I to leave.  We headed down to the underground and parted after the first stop.

Soon I found myself sat back on express train heading home.

I was truely honoured to have been considered by Viewsonic as worthy to be included in the event and hope that this will be the first of many as my venture continues!


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