Finding the sweet spot

It’s still very early days in my YouTube career and I’m very much still finding my feet!

I’m slowly starting to get to grips with Sony Vegas Pro and know I’m way off from the likes of HardwareCanucks in terms of my videography skills. These are both things that will hopefully improve with time!

What I would like to try and find sooner is the sweet spot in the videos.  What people want from me!

By a long long shot my most viewed video was my review of the Acer Z35 Predator monitor and in terms of speed of growth the least has been my Windows 10 storage tips video.

Last night I released my first build log video and it has had more views since midnight than my m review over a week ago!  If it continues at that pace it will be my most popular by far!

So now I need to figure out why!  My video style hasn’t changed and neither has my thumbnail design so it’s not the initial appearance!

Is it the case? Or is it the fact it’s a build log?

I shall be doing a full case review soon and more build logs so that my yeild some answers!

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