Case closed!

For sometime now I have been wanting to change out my case in order to make some changes to my water cooling.

For a longtime now I have had the Corsair Obsidian 800D. This as you can see is a pretty big case that allows for custom water cooling but with limited options. 

The best you can do without drastic modding is a 360 rad at the top and a 140 or 120 rad at the rear.

I, as you can see from the picture above, have SLI EVGA GeForce GTX Titan Hydro copper Signiture and an i7 5930k on a single loop going through the  Ekwb SE 360 rad.

To be fair the temperatures I get are ok but I know I can get them better.  Not just that but I want to try my hand at hardline tubing.

My ultimate goal was to have two loops. One for my GPUs and one for my CPU with hardline tubing.

In order to fit all that in it needs to be a monster of a case!  So I have spent months and months looking at cases, umming and ahhhing over various ones.

In the end I had 3 that I liked and would be able to accommodate everything I would like and need from a case. They were the Phanteks Enthoo Primo, the Caselabs Merlin SM8 and the Corsair Obsidian 900D.

Now I really like the SM8 but the price tag is huge even before you customise the case to suit so the was a lottery win away.

So the race was between the other two.  And I was completely stumped as they both had equal amount of pros and cons for me.

Now looking at what I wanted to build the 900D was the one that fit the bill but it’s not cheap at over £100 more than the Enthoo Primo.

The Primo’s price was more realistic but it would be nowhere near as easy to do what I wanted in it.

The longer I held on the more the price of the 900D was going up too!  That was until last week.

I’d put he kids to bed and was walking down the stairs with my phone in my hand and without a thought searched for the 900D on Amazon. When the result came up I had kittens and had to triple check!  It was on a flash sale with less than 3hrs to go! So my mind was made up there and then. With over £100 off it had to be done. 

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