Old PC Games

Today I decided to organise some of my old PC games.  I’ve got a cupboard full of PC CD-ROM AND DVD-ROM games ranging from Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 to STALKER Shadow of Chernobyl. 

In an ideal world I would just be able to add the CD-Key to Origin, UPlay and Steam meaning they would now be there on my accounts for ever and I can ditch the hard copies giving me the cupboard space to fill with other PC related things!

Sadly, for all but 2 games, this was not to be.  One game I didn’t really wanted to add and didn’t want to throw was Battlefield 2. I had many many hours online with that and loved every minute.  The other reason I didn’t want to get rid of it was he fact that I had all the expansion packs but they were digital copies. 

I contacted origin live chat who, I have to say, was very helpful. After a short time they asked for my CD-Key as soon as I gave it them they immediately added the complete collection to my origin account. Super duper!

I also have 2004 Battlefield Vietnam. I asked if they could do they same for that. They spent some time trying to sort it but eventually came back and said that the game is no longer supported but offered me the pick of a list of titles instead.  As a result I now have Medal of Honour Warfighters for nowt. Back of the net!

As for the rest of my titles I have stuck a load on eBay (2 sold within 2mins) and the rest have been binned. 

So be sure to have a good look at your old titles before getting rid. eBay may be a good choice but if it’s an EA title be sure to speak to them. 

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