Surprise parcel!

So today I had a nice surprise delivered by a nice chap from DPD.  I say surprise but I ordered it so kind of knew it was coming. In fact I knew exactly when it was coming because i was stalking it as it was driven round by Richard (the nice chap from DPD) on the handy app DPD have.

What was it I hear you all ask in anticipation!  Well it was the new case for my PC.

Hmmm! 80% of the people that started reading this have now stopped!

It was a Corsair Obsidian 900D and it’s a beast!

Now my current case is a  Corsair Obsidian 800D and that’s pretty big but this one is huge!

Those of you that watch my YouTube Channel will know that I’m in to water cooling and have been looking to change my case for a bigger one for sometime with a view of adding more cooling possibly two separate loops and adding hardline tubing.

Now I had been looking at this case and two others for sometime but couldn’t make my mind up but he might before last I randomly searched for this case on Amazon and to my surprise it was in a flash sale with £100 off with only 3hrs left. So my mind was made up for me there and then👍🏽

This isn’t going to be a quick build. In fact it’s going to be rather a long project as there are a fair few parts I need to get the setup right.

In the meantime I’m

Waiting on some mods for it from Portugal!  I found a company that make the mods I wanted for it which will save me a lot of time and effort. Have a look at ColdZero as they make mods for a number of case and some generic as well as use requests.

I shall let you know how phase 1 goes!

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