The story continues…

Prior to my second video I got some new equipment to try and improve my content quality.  Now there was no way I was going to be able to by an all singing all dancing DSLR camera with mega mic, super duper tripod and fluid mount largely as I simply dont have the budget!

I did some research and found a mount for my iPhone 6 Plus called iOgrapher.  Its a handy little holder which was able to be mounted on pretty much any tripod, selfie stick or mount with the standard 1/4″ thread.  Most importantly it had extra lenses you could get giving me much greater flexibility with my productions.  It has a 37mm telephoto lens, 37mm wideangle lens and a macro lens.  Great stuff!

Next I got a set of softbox lights from Amazon which means I can now film at anytime of the day in any lighting condition.  Boom!

I looked in to getting an external mic too as the one on the iPhone is ok but not the best.  I settled on the Rode VideoMicro.  Then, before I could order it, a good mate of mine bought it for me!  What a top chap. However when I made my next video the sound was still no better than when it was recorded using the iPhone onboard mic.  Well there was a reason for that!  It was!  I learnt something new.  The iphone 3.5mm connection has a TRRS type the mic a TRS! So I looked into it and ordered a Rode patch cable for just that problem!

Once that arrived I redid my second video and it was a marked differnce from the first.  Most of all I was more confident!

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