The ramblings of a mad nerd!

So I am now just over a month in to my social media tech venture!

The main aim was to produce YouTube videos of PC components (mainly gaming orientated), related tech and the odd PC related tip or two. 

I spent a long time looking into it, looking at channels I liked and those I didn’t to see where I would likely fit in. I realised that it was also important to utilise other social media platforms in order to help direct traffic to my YouTube channel. So I created a FaceBook page, Twitter and Instagram account. 

They were up and running before my main YouTube channel largely because I was so nervous about doing it and found I was always finding an excuse! I asked another tech YouTube PC Centric for some advice and he said I just need to do my first video and deal with the fact that it won’t be great. So I did and it was awful! Don’t believe me have a look Here! 

Once I had put out that first video it made things much easier and although I don’t think my content is anything amazing I feel it is getting better and I’m actually getting some really positive feed back where I thought I would have a damn good ribbing!

To be continued…

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