I am an idiot!

So last week I made the leap to change my headset.  For years and years I have had the Razer Megalodon Virtual 7.1 headset and I loved them.  They were (aand still are) very good.

I have replaced them with a SteelSeries Siberia 800 headset.  I managed to get them for a respectable £189 from box.co.uk.


I was really keen to try them out and followed the installation and setup guide.  I read that in order to get the best out of them I needed to use the optical cable so elected for that option.

I managed to get the optical cables in to the motherboard and the back of the transmitter but they didnt fit very well and would sometimes fall out!  Despite that they were working fine and I could see that the signal was being passed down the cable from the mobo as there was a nice red glow from the other end!

So I had been trying them out for a good few days and was hugely impressed by the quailty.  Battery life was fantastic and the addition of the hotswap batteries is ideal.  The transmitter display is very clear and displays both the headset battery life and the status of the one charging.


The headset itself is very comfortable and adjusts easily.  It has great range on it too so means I dont have to take it off while nipping to make a brew or go to the loo!  The wireless link is very good and I notice no lag what so ever.


HOWEVER!  after a few days I began to notice that i didnt appear to get any surround sound.  In fact it appeared to be mono!  So last night I decided to sort it out once and for all!

I went in to the playback settings and tried allsorts but no joy!  I reinstalled the most up to date Realtek HD audio drivers for my motherboard.  Still no joy.

I went and tried the latest drivers from Realteks site and still nothing!

I used the power of google and searched for similar issues.  Was it a Windows 10 issue, a software issue or a hardware issue!  I found a couple of threads with similar issues and followed their fixes but none sorted it for me.

I was running out of options so turned to the connection.  “It must be something to do the optical cables not fitting into the motherboard and transmitter properly!”

So back to google I went and put in siberia 800 optical cable not fitting.  The 4th link down was the one I went to.  This is what i found!  Yup you guessed it, I had done the exact same thing!  What a complete idiot!  I havent used optical cables for about 15 years.  Ah well we are all learning everyday!


Now my headset works beautifully!

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