EKWB 10th Anniversary

EK Water Blocks 10th Anniversary.


This evening while looking through the various news pages of different PC component and peripheral manufactures I discovered that EK Water Blocks was established 10 years ago and to celebrate they are releasing a special anniversary Supremacy EVO CPU Water Block and my is it pretty!

They are only making a limited number and age will be etched with its production number on the side. It will fit LGA-115x and LGA-2011(-3) socket CPUs.

As an extra bonus they will also send you a gold plated version of their 2006 flag ship Water block!


I think if i was to get one of these i would frame it and not use it!

I really like EK products. I am still using an Oval top EK Water Blocks Supreme HF which I have had for quite sometime but still performs really well on my Intel Core i7 5930K and its look has not aged. I have used EK Water Blocks, apart from a couple of fittings, exclusively for my loop.

I currently use EK Blood red coolant but will at some point move on to an opaque coolant. I really like the look of the Mayhems Solutions Ltd Pastel range but will wait until I brave my first hardline build and add an extra rad.

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